Pests Inspection Tips

Buying a new house is not an easy business. You have to invest a lot of time, money, efforts and nerves in it, and, naturally, you want it to be perfect!
But what if you find that you have pests only after buying the property!?
Going to court with the previous owner can cost even more time, money, and energy, so it is much better to be sure before you reach for your pocket and buy the thing.
That is why we are here to give you tips and advice for pest inspection when buying a new home.
Tips/advice for pest inspection when buying a new home
Now, most of the owners will check their house before selling it, but you can’t trust them all and believe that they really did and told you the truth.
Besides, there are good and bad workers in every profession, and it is all the same with pest inspectors.
So, in order to be completely sure, we have made a list of some tips and advice for you, to be completely sure before you spend your life’s savings on buying a new home.

1. Include pest inspection in the purchase contract

Now, as we said, most of the people would do or say that they did a pest infection, but you can never be sure about that!
Therefore, you should try and come to an agreement with the previous owner of the house and include the pest inspection in the purchase contract.
And, of course, if the result of the inspection is not satisfactory, you can always refuse to buy a house.
Who would want to buy a house full of mice and rats!

2. Hire a pest inspection professional to check the house for you

As we all know, buying a house is a serious business, so it is never wise to ignore the importance of pest inspection before buying it.
So, it is always the best choice to hire a professional and not trust anyone’s words. A professional pest inspection company will provide the service of pest inspection and let you know if the house is clean and safe to live in.
They should inspect different elements and look for component or system malfunctioning, like:
1.  electrical system,
2.  heating and cooling system,
3.  the roof,
4.  plumbing
5.  doors
6.  windows
7.  floor surfaces
8.  inspect for previous pest damage
9.  termites and the damage made by termites
10.  ants and the possible damage in structure that the ands could have made
11.  other pests that include:
  •    rats
  •    mice
  •    fleas
  •    bed bugs
  •    cockroaches
12.  Earwings
13.  Spiders
14.  Silverfish
15.  Stinging insects
16.  Cockroaches
17.  Ticks
18.  Fleas
19.  And other pest that are common in your area
20.  Asbestos
21.  Mold growth
22.  Lead
23.  Fungus
24.  Wood insects
25.  Dry rot
and all the rest that you need to know before you decide to buy the property.
The pest and damage that the company should be looking for include:

3. Be sure that the company doesn’t only inspect wood

Another important thing to know is that most of the companies will do only one kind of check up.
For example, if they are looking for termites, and the damage made by them, they will only check for the wooden parts of the house and not the rest.
So, when hiring a profession pest inspection company, make sure that you check with them what they will be looking into and that they will look, not only for the termites, but for other pest as well. For example:

4. Know what insects are common in the area where you are buying the house

There are many different pests that could be found out there, but some pests will occur in one area more commonly, while there will be not a trace of them in the other.
Therefore, you need to get informed about what pest commonly occur in the area where you intend to buy the house and know what to look for.
I mean, there will be no use in paying the company to give a look at the silverfish or cockroaches, if they almost never occur in that area.
That will be the waste of money and energy.
So, before you hire someone, know what they should look at.

5. Attend the inspection if possible

If you want to be completely sure of what you are getting, we would strongly suggest that you be there during the very process of inspection.
I know, we sound pretty suspicious, but buying a house is not a child’s play and you should be one hundred percent sure what you are getting with it.
After all, that is about to be your new home, so there should be no reason not to see the house through the eyes of professionals who are making sure that you are getting what you want.

6. Check for other environmental health hazards

Of course, pests are very dangerous, but when you are having someone check up on the whole thing, why not give an extra look into other, equally important matters, like:
The company’s professionals will give a look at all the places that can be risky and give you the detailed results about the damage, and possible dangers, especially if the problem is not treated in time.
Finally, when all of this is done, you can decide whether to buy a house or not.
The house can look amazing on the surface, but you can never be sure what is hiding underneath, so never skip this important step.
So that’s what you need to know with pests and buying a new home.


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