Do Mice Really Like Cheese

We’ve all seen it in cartoons, mice love cheese.
But is there real truth behind this?
I’m here to tell you the truth.

Do Mice Prefer Cheese?

If you were to give a mouse the option between cheese and sweeter items, the mouse would choose a sweeter item. Fruits and grains are a mouse’s favorite. If setup a test with cheese and one with fruit or peanut butter, the sweeter items are more likely to catch the mouse.

Studies Show

A study performed by Dr. Holmes who is part of the Manchester Metropolitan University found evidence that shows mice do not like cheese. Sometimes they may notice a smell from cheese that appears pungent.
Mice will also be aware of this smell too. Keep in mind that mice have much better noses than we do. This will usually deter a mouse away but if he or she is hungry enough, they may try to take a bite.

Where Did the Myth Originate?

Many people are unsure of where the myth that mice like cheese originated. However, we do have an idea. We believe that it dates back to before the invention of the fridge. Storing food was a lot more complex back then compared to now.
During this time people hung meat from the ceiling and stored their grains in bins and/or bags. They did leave cheese wheels out with a cloth for protection.
If a hungry mouse is looking through these items, the meat is too high for them, the grains are protected, but the cheese is exposed and easy to get to. Mice would eat the cheese and leave their teeth prints in the cheese. It then circulated that mice loved cheese.


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