Bugs That Look Like Roaches But Aren't

Have you ever walked into a place and thought you saw a roach?
Many different types of bugs look like roaches but are not.
They are similar. They do have some slight differences that make them not a roach.
I’ve got the information you need to identify and understand the different creepy roach lookalikes.
But first let’s talk about what defines a roach.
Is it a Roach?
Cockroaches are going to be reddish-brown or plain brown. They will range in size. Some roaches can be a half an inch and some can be up to two inches long. Cockroaches shine. Their bodies when you look at them will appear to be reflecting light. They also have wings. These wings will be folded against their back very tightly. This is how you are going to know if it is a roach. If it has all these components, it is likely a roach. However, we are now going to talk about some different types of bugs that are mistaken for roaches.


A cricket can be the size of a cockroach. It can even range in size like the cockroach. However, a cricket is going to have much darker coloring. In fact, crickets oftentimes appear black. Plus, unlike roaches, crickets make a persistent chirping noise. Roaches are silent bugs and do not make noises.

Giant Water Bugs

These are confused pretty easily with roaches. This is common because, in some areas of the world, roaches are called water bugs. These two different bugs are confused by each other. Water bugs are very similar to roaches even though they are a completely different species. Water bugs are the same color and size as cockroaches.
Water bugs, however, are going to have a few differences that are going to distinguish them from a roach. Water bugs are going to be found near a water source. Generally, an outdoor water source such as a pond. These bugs are going to measure about an inch across. Keep in mind that roaches are narrower and they prefer darker areas.

May Beetles/June Bugs

June bugs or may beetles are not going to be larger than an inch. These bugs appear to be reddish-brown and sometimes appear black. After dusk is when you will notice that these bugs are most active. However, they are only active in the late period of May and early June. This is why they have their distinct names.
These bugs oftentimes will fly into windows and cling to screens. They are going to have higher and rounded backs. A cockroach does not have a rounded back or a high back. Plus, a June bug or May beetle will have a stockier build compared to a cockroach.

Asian Long-Horned Beetle

These bugs are commonly mistaken for roaches but they really shouldn’t be because they look completely different. These bugs are black and have irregular white spots on their body. They also have a very long antenna that is going to curl back and appear to encase the body. These bugs are very unique and nothing like the cockroach.


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