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How does Pest Defender work?

What Pests Does Ultrasonic Pest Defender Work On?

How long does it take for Pest Defender to work?

Does Pest Defender Need Batteries to Operate?

Can I plug it in outside?

I've heard that animals or pests eventually will adapt to the sound and it won't bother them, is this true?

Will this work outdoors in my yard? Is there something like this for outdoor use?

Will it affect people with hearing aids?

How long does it last?

Can they be also used in apartments?

How Wide is the Coverage? What is the Coverage Area of each Pest Defender?

How much does Pest Defender Cost?

Will this Work on my Country's Plug?

Does the Pest Defender work through walls, ceilings, and floors?

Using Pest Defender

I bought these and the directions say they need to be vertical. All my outlets are horizontal, is this going to be a problem?

The light is too bright, can I cover it?


How Long Will it Take for my Order to Arrive?

Where do they ship from?

The package says not to put near carpets or curtains. Why is this?


Will this harm my Pets/Kids?

Does it have long term effect on pets and humans?

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What if my Pest Defender Does Not Work?

Customer Service

What Are Your Customer Support Hours?

Where is your company located?


What is Your Return Policy? Can I Return my Pest Defender if it does not work?